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Accessories for Oberheim DMX Drum Machines (and other selected Oberheim products)

DMX battery DMX/DSX Battery
3.6 volt NiCd battery as used in the Oberheim DMX and DSX. Installation requires some soldering.
Out of stock $25.00 each.

battery DX/OB-X/OB-Xa/OB-8 Battery
3 volt BR-2/3A lithium battery as used in the Oberheim DX, OB-X, OB-Xa and OB-8. With solder pins. Installation requires some soldering.
In stock $7.50 each.

DMX thumbscrews Thumbscrews
Easy access thumbscrews for DMX or DX drum machines (8-32 thread). Set of two.
In stock: $5.00 per pair.

DMX slider knob Fader Knobs
Volume fader knobs for DMX or DX. Manufactured by Rogan, these are identical to the Oberheim factory originals. Single knob.
In stock: $1.75 each.

DSX ribbon cable DSX Computer Interface Cable
DSX cable. Use for connecting your Oberheim DSX sequencer to an Oberheim synthesizer (OB-X, OB-SX, OB-Xa or OB-8). Three feet long.
1 week lead time: $39.00 each.

DX ZIF Socket ZIF Socket
Easy access 28 pin ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) EPROM sockets for your DX. These have a built-in lever to make installing and removing EPROMs easy. High quality socket pins allow for more insertions and removals than the standard socket. No soldering required -- just plug this socket into the existing EPROM socket and leave it there.
In stock: $12.50 each.

Repair Parts

DMX Display Module DMX/DSX Display Module DL1414
Original style replacement display module for DMX or DSX. See this page for more information. Soldering is required for replacement. These modules are used but 100% tested.
In stock: $30 each.

DMX Display Module DMX/DSX Display Module DLR1414
Alternative replacement display module DLR1414 for DMX or DSX. DLR1414 features four sharp 5x7 dot-matrix characters (original DMX and DSX machines used the 14-segment DL1414). See this page for more information. Four modules are recommended when replacing the old style DL1414 displays. Soldering is required for replacement.
In stock: $25 each.

Am6070 companding Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) for Oberheim DMX voice cards and DX voices. Also used in Linn and some other drum machines. New old stock, date code is 1984. See the data sheet here (ZIP file).
In stock: $10.00 each.

Programmed Parts

EPROM Sound Chips
Programmed EPROMS are available for any of the sounds found on these pages:
DMX/DX sounds
SCI Drumtraks sounds
Other sounds
When ordering, please specify the name of the .BIN file for the sound you want and what type of EPROM (2764, 2732 or 27256).
EPROM typeWhere used Sounds should be selected to fit the EPROM size for the voice you want to use. One exception is that a smaller sound MAY be used to replace a larger one. DMX and early DX cymbal sounds require four EPROMS. Please contact us if you are not sure if the sound you want will fit your drum voice card.
2732DMX 1554 voice card, DMX 1560A (Cymbal #2) voice card
2764DX all voices except cymbal, DMX 1675C voice card, DMX 1703A (Cymbal #3) voice card
27256DXa cymbal voice (with two EPROM sockets)
In stock: $10.00 each. Send email for more info or to place an order.


Promenade Screenshot Promenade Software on CD-ROM
Promenade is a program for Microsoft Windows that allows transferring files between your computer and the Oberheim Prommer. You can use it to program EPROMs, archive EPROM contents on you computer, view sound waveforms and combine multiple sound files into one.
Promenade is available for download here, or you can order it delivered to you on CD-ROM by clicking the PayPal link here.
You can read more about Promenade in the on-line documentation here.
In stock: $50.00

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