Computer interface software for the Oberheim Prommer

Version 1.03

Promenade allows transferring files between your computer and an Oberheim Prommer. You can use the Prommer to "burn" EPROMs for use in drum machines such as the Oberheim DMX and DX, Linn LM-1, LinnDrum and Linn 9000, SCI Drumtracks and others.

Promenade can also be used without a Prommer to preview sound files, combine multiple files into one and convert between binary, WAV and Intel Hex file formats.

  • Load files from disk into local memory
  • Save files from local memory to disk
  • Visually depict arrangement of sounds in EPROM space
  • Drag and drop supported.
  • Play sounds through computer speakers
  • Organize EPROM space to match common drum machine arrangements
  • Transfer data to and from the Prommer using MIDI connections
  • Execute Prommer commands from the computer to read, write and verify EPROMs
  • Use the Prommer to "burn" EPROMS from sound files downloaded from the web
  • Archive EPROMs as files on your computer
  • Visually analyze sounds for use of headroom and waveshape
  • Convert file formats
  • Play sounds with a mouse click
    System requirements
  • A computer (PC type -- sorry, no Apple support at this time).
  • Microsoft Window 98 or better.
  • Enough free RAM to run the program. A megabyte or so should be enough.
  • Enough free disk space for the program and any data files you will want to create -- about one megabyte to start.
  • A MIDI interface and two standard MIDI cables.
  • An Oberheim Prommer.