Other EPROM Images

Download the files listed in the Download column and program them onto the type of EPROMs indicated. (In most web browsers, you can right-click or hold down the shift key while you click the link to bring up a "Save As" menu). To preview the sounds, click on the link in the WAV File column to play WAV file versions of the sounds.

TR-606 Sounds (digitized)

Description EPROM File size Download file WAV File
TR-606 Bass 2732 4096 bytes TR606_BASS.BIN Bass
TR-606 Snare 2732 4096 bytes TR606_SNARE.BIN Snare
TR-606 Hi-Hat 2732 4096 bytes TR606_HIHAT.BIN Hi-Hat
TR-606 Tom 2732 4096 bytes TR606_TOM.BIN Tom
TR-808 sounds
TR-808 Bass 2764 8192 bytes 808bas.bin Bass
TR-808 Bass 2 2764 8192 bytes 808bas2.bin Bass 2
TR-808 Clap 2764 8192 bytes 808clp.bin Clap
TR-808 Reverse Clap 2764 8192 bytes 808clpr.bin Reverse Clap
TR-808 Cymbal 27256 32768 bytes 808cym.bin Cymbal
TR-808 Reverse Cymbal 27256 32768 bytes 808cymr.bin Reverse Cymbal
TR-808 Hi Hat 2764 8192 bytes 808hh.bin Hi Hat
TR-808 Reverse Hi Hat 2764 8192 bytes 808hhr.bin Reverse Hi Hat
TR-808 Snare 2764 8192 bytes 808snr.bin Snare
TR-808 Reverse Snare 2764 8192 bytes 808snrr.bin Reverse Snare
TR-909 sounds
TR-909 Bass 2764 8192 bytes 909bas.bin Bass
TR-909 Clap 2764 8192 bytes 909clp.bin Clap
TR-909 Clap 2 2764 8192 bytes 909clp2.bin Clap 2
TR-909 Crash 27256 32768 bytes 909crsh.bin Crash
TR-909 Closed Hi Hat 2764 8192 bytes 909hatcl.bin Closed Hi Hat
TR-909 Open Hi Hat 2764 8192 bytes 909hatop.bin Open Hi Hat
TR-909 Ride 27256 32768 bytes 909ride.bin Ride
TR-909 Rim 2764 8192 bytes 909rim.bin Rim
TR-909 Snare 2764 8192 bytes 909snr.bin Snare
TR-909 Snare 2 2764 8192 bytes 909snr2.bin Snare 2