For Halloween 2000 I built a "working" BFG8500 (similar to, but not quite the same as a BFG9000 from the computer game Doom). There was a row of 6 or 8 LEDs on top that blinked back and forth, Night Rider style. When the trigger was pulled, a digital sound effect circuit played back the Doom BFG sound effect (whoosh - blam!), and a photoflash salvaged from a disposable camera triggered at the "blam" part of the sound effect. A green filter over the flash, which was directed out one of the gun barrels, added that last bit of realism.

Most of the BFG is made from foam core craft material, cut with a knife and glued together. Silver and black spray paint added the proper industrial metallic look. Various items were glued on to the box to add decorative touches -- a couple of big power resistors, some electrical conduit fittings, blocks of balsa wood, etc. The handle and trigger grip were made from wood glued to the bottom.

I sold the BFG8500 on eBay a few months later. Here's the original eBay ad.

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