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December 29, 2011
Christmas lights in Fullerton. All the houses on this street and a couple of others had these light globes hanging from the trees over the street. It was a nice effect.
Photo of Christmas lights

I took Amtrak from San Jose to Fullerton to visit Mom and Dad this Christmas. Here are a few travel images:
Travel by Amtrak
Waiting for the Amtrak bus outside the San Jose station (The first leg of my trip was by bus, San Jose to Santa Barbara).
Travel by Amtrak
Here's the bus unloading in Santa Barbara.
Travel by Amtrak
On the trip back to San Jose, I had some time to kill at Union Station in Los Angeles, so I snapped some pictures.
Travel by Amtrak
Travel by Amtrak
Travel by Amtrak
Travel by Amtrak

December 8, 2011
The webcam will be going down today -- I'm finally going to disconnect the phone/DSL service at the house in Arizona. I'm not sure yet if I will set up a new cam in California.

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