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June 29, 2002
Here's what's been happening in June:
The trees I planted last Fall have started sprouting leaves (some of them, anyway). The best growth has been in the black walnut trees. Only two of the oaks have shown any growth so far. I put up small hardware cloth fences around the most promising trees to keep the prairie dogs from nibbling on the new leaves.
We are installing a 20 foot flagpole in front of the house which should be ready in time for Independence Day. I poured concrete for the foundation this morning (eight 60 pound bags).
The drought has been keeping the grasshoppers away -- last year at this time they were everywhere, by the millions. As of today, I've only seen a few very small ones in the yard. The prairie dogs seem to be doing fine, munching on the dry grass mostly. And the birds (crows, ravens, meadowlarks, pigeons, etc) are regular visitors.
Rhonda is busier than ever, making many new friends on her online chat groups.
I have been building some small items of wood furniture, now that I have a table saw again. So far, we've got a new knick-knack shelf and a coffee table.
That's all for now -- more next month...

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