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December 30, 2001
Here is a short new mpeg movie showing some clouds swirling around the San Francisco Peaks.

December 25, 2001
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

December 12, 2001
I forgot to mention that we drove the Saturn (SW2) wagon on our trip and got an average of 34.4 miles per galllon of gas. The lowest price we paid for gas was 99.9 cents/gallon, in Greenville Mississippi, I believe. We drove past one station advertising gas for 91.9 cents/gallon. Average price for gas was about $1.19 per gallon.

December 9, 2001
We went on a road trip for Thanksgiving to visit Rhonda's sister's family. Here is a map of our route. We took highway 40 East from Flagstaff, covering about 500 miles each day. Our first overnight stop was in Tucumcari, New Mexico. If you're ever in Tucumcari at dinnertime, be sure to eat at Del's. I highly recommend it. The next day, we continued through Texas and Oklahoma, stopping for the night in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Stopping in Shamrock, Texas, we saw a cool Art Deco gas station. Notice the horizontal traffic signals. Starting in Oklahoma, we started seeing lots of beautiful deciduous trees along the road, many of them still showing their Fall colors. The third day, we followed the road through Little Rock, Arkansas and into Memphis, Tennesee where we turned Southeast. One of the funniest names we saw was in Arkansas:
Toad Suck Park, Arkansas
We drove through Mississippi, mostly at night, so we didn't see much of it. We stopped for dinner at a nice steakhouse (Brangus) in Jasper, Alabama. Did you know that in the South, there are two kinds of iced tea -- sweet (which is very sweet) and unsweet. Even the Lipton Tea that is sold in bottles is offered in "Southern Style", which must be about fifty percent sugar. We made it to Birmingham and then Hoover Alabama that night and finally found Eileen and Mike's house at around 11 pm. We spent the next day relaxing and playing with the kids. The following day, we drove up to Hixson, Tennesee (near Chattanooga) to visit Rhonda's friend Deb, and then drove back to Hoover again. We drove past a scaled-down replica of the Statue of Liberty in Birmingham. The next day was Thanksgiving, and we again spent the day at Eileen and Mike's house. We had lots of turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. We left for home the following day, taking a slightly different route. We went through Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Greenville, Mississippi and Strong, Arkansas (eat at Rachael's Place) and Texarcana and New Boston, Texas where we spent the night (keeping an eye on the news for tornado watches). The next whole day was spent driving through Texas (Wichita Falls and Amarillo) and we spent the night in Vega, Texas. The final day of our trip was backtracking on Highway 40 back into Flagstaff. It was nice to be home again.

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