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September 14, 2000
Handspring Visor This is the latest gadget to get my attention. I had been thinking about getting a Palm computer ever since US Robotics first started selling the Palm Pilot (around 1996). But until I started on a software project at work involving the Handspring Visor I could never justify getting one. When this project started, I bought the basic $149 Visor online (about $200 including the USB cradle, shipping, etc.) and learned how to use the Graffiti handwriting alphabet, which wasn't very difficult. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I went to a developers conference and won a door prize: A deluxe Visor with a Glenayre two-way pager plugin module that lets me send and receive (short) email anywhere I happen to be. Cool! I gave the other Visor to Rhonda, and now she uses it all the time. The built-in applications (calendar, address book, to-do list, and memo pad) are pretty handy, and there's this game called "Lines" that is positively addicting. If you want to try sending me an email on the Visor, send it to visor@electrongate.com. But, keep it short -- there seems to be a limit of about 500 characters. No attachments, please. :-)


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