Files Frequently Asked Questions about the Oberheim DX

Last update 2020-04-25

See the DMX Files FAQ for general Oberheim drum machine questions.

question What's the difference between the DX and the DMX?
answer See this chart for the details.

question What are the different variations of the DX?

question Can I add MIDI capability to my DX?
answer Yes! A new MIDI upgrade is now available for the basic DX or basic Stretch DX. More details can be found here.

question What is that MIDI connector on the back of the Stretch DX?
answer On some versions of the DX Stretch, this jack provides a MIDI clock output synchronized with the tempo.

question When I turn on my DX I get an error message on the display. What does this mean?
answer This message usually means that the battery in the DX is in need of replacement. This battery powers the memory when the main power is turned off. Older batteries eventually run down and must be replaced.
Until you get the battery replaced, you can reset the DX memory by holding down the ERASE button while turning on the power.

question How do I replace the battery in my DX?
answer The battery is a lithium BR2/3 type with solder pins. Replacement batteries are available from DigiKey or other distributors, or from Electrongate, here.
The battery is soldered to the main circuit board. Be sure to disconnect all power and audio cables from your DMX before soldering or unsoldering the battery, especially if your soldering iron is grounded! Notice the polarity -- the positive side of the battery goes to the FRONT of the DX, as marked on the circuit board.
If you're not confident about replacing the battery yourself, a local electronic repair shop should be able to do it for you.

question Some of the buttons are intermittent or don't work right. Do I need to replace them?
answer You may be able to fix this problem by cleaning the switches. See this link for more information.

question The bass sounds distorted. What's wrong?
answer Some DX units were modified at the factory to boost the volume level of the bass drum, which caused some distortion. Check for a wire connected between U103 and D103 near the left side of the main circuit board (see this photo). If the wire is there, you can cut it to restore the volume to a normal level.

FAQ maintained by Paul J. White. Feel free to submit corrections and other DX/DMX-related questions.