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DMX / DX Comparison

What's the difference between the Oberheim DMX and the Oberheim DX?

Number of voices86
Removable voice cardsYesNo
Display16 character alphanumeric4 digit numeric
TuningInternal thumbwheel adjustment
Back panel knobs
Number of sequences200*100
Number of songs5050
Battery backupRechargable NiCd batteryLong life Lithium battery
Factory MIDILater models onlyDXa only
Lighted function buttonsNoYes
Standard end panelsSolid walnutPlastic imitation wood
Available hardware configurations Basic Model
Expanded Memory
Factory MIDI
Basic Model
Sync-to-tape mod
Factory MIDI (DXa)
Stretch (adds four more voices)
* MIDI or expanded memory DMX only.

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