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DMX1554E - Replacement Voice Card for the Oberheim DMX

Basic info

The Electrongate DMX1554E is a new voice card for the Oberheim DMX drum machine. It uses the same circuits and technology as the original Oberheim single EPROM voice boards, using the same sample length, DAC, filter and basic logic design, so it will sound the same. It is a direct plug-in replacement for any of the seven DMX voice cards with two Molex connectors.

Six standard voice board configurations are available, matching the original Oberheim board setups for Bass, Snare, Hi-hat, Tom 1/2, Perc 1 (tambourine/rimshot) and Perc 2 (Shaker/handclap).

Manufactured using all through-hole components, like the original, this voice card is easy for the experimenter to modify using simple soldering tools. No surface mount parts are used. The configuration jumpers and components are located in the same positions as the original.

New features

The DMX1554E has a wider tuning range than the original, using a 25K tuning pot instead of the original 10K pot.

An optional built-in Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket can be ordered.
Note: There is not enough room between voice boards in the DMX to add ZIF sockets by stacking them on a regular socket. They must be soldered directly to the board.

The original 24-pin EPROM socket has been replaced with a 28-pin socket. A jumper setting allows choosing the original 2732 EPROM size, or larger capacity 2764 or 27128 EPROMs. Where the 2732 holds one audio sample (or a pair in the case of the PERC voices), a 2764 supports two independent samples or pairs of samples. Selecting one or the other is done with an optional switch, either connected directly to the voice board, through the DMX external control voltage input, or through the motherboard connector, using previously unused pins.

Using the external CV input is the simplest way of switching between two samples without having to drill holes in the DMX case or deal with internal wiring.
Note: Using the CV input for switching means that external tuning or volume controls are disabled for the voice board in question.

Multiple DMX1554E voice boards can be switched in parallel with a single switch, or individually.

A 27128 will support four samples, selected with two switches, with four possible combinations.

All configurations may be ordered with the original sample EPROM, an alternate sample of comparable length, or a double sample of your choice.

DMX1554E voice board
with ZIF socket
2764 version with 
   directly connected switch

Contact Electrongate for information about possible DMX modifications and additional switching options.

Ordering Information
All orders must be prepaid by check, money order or PayPal. You may use the PayPal shopping cart buttons (below), or you may make your PayPal payment in care of pjwhite@electrongate.com.
Include your shipping address and let us know in detail which options you would like.
Standard Voice Board:
Same configuration as selected DMX factory voice board. One 2732 EPROM. Unless otherwise specified, voice boards will come with the factory samples listed here:
  • Bass: 21KICK
  • Snare: SNARE6
  • Hi Hat: HAT1A
  • Tom: STOM5
  • Perc1: STIK
  • Perc 2: SHAKE6
See the chart at the bottom of this page for other options. Note: Only 2K and 4K (4096) byte samples are supported.
Lead time 1 week:
Please select configuration
Double Voice Board:
Two samples (four for Perc types) on a 2764 EPROM. Please specify which samples you would like on the EPROM (see list below).
Lead time 1 week:
Please select configuration
ZIF Socket Option:
Easy access for 2732 or 2764 EPROMs
In stock:

Contact Paul J. White for more information.

Available Sample Library (suitable for DMX1554E voice boards)

Description Recommended voice configuration File size Download file WAV File
Bass drums
DMX Kick (Standard) Bass 4096 bytes 21KICK.BIN Kick
Drumtraks Bass Drum Bass 4096 bytes SCI_BASS.BIN Bass Drum
TR-606 Bass Bass 4096 bytes TR606_BASS.BIN Bass
Snare drums
DMX Snare (Standard) Snare 4096 bytes SNARE6.BIN Snare
Drumtraks Snare Snare 4096 bytes SCI_SNARE.BIN Snare
TR-606 Snare Snare 4096 bytes TR606_SNARE.BIN Snare
Hi Hats
DMX Hi-Hat (Standard) Hi Hat 4096 bytes HAT1A.BIN Hi-Hat
TR-606 Hi-Hat Hi Hat 4096 bytes TR606_HIHAT.BIN Hi-Hat
DMX Small Toms (Standard) Tom 4096 bytes STOM5.BIN Small Tom
DMX Large Toms (Standard) Tom 4096 bytes SFLTOM2.BIN Large Tom
TR-606 Tom Tom 4096 bytes TR606_TOM.BIN Tom
Short Percussion sounds (combine two for Perc 1 or Perc 2 voices)
DMX Tambourine (Standard Perc 1) Perc 1 2048 bytes STIK.BIN Tambourine
DMX Rimshot (Standard Perc 1) Perc 1 2048 bytes STIK.BIN Rimshot
DMX Shaker (Standard Perc 2) Perc 2 2048 bytes SHAKE6.BIN Shaker
DMX Claps (Standard Perc 2) Perc 2 2048 bytes SHAKE6.BIN Handclaps
DMX Cowbell Perc 1 or Perc 2 2048 bytes COWBCLAV.BIN Cowbell
DMX Claves Perc 1 or Perc 2 2048 bytes COWBCLAV.BIN Claves
DMX Click Perc 1 or Perc 2 2048 bytes CLIKCLAP.BIN Click
DMX Old style Shaker Perc 2 2048 bytes shk1.bin Old Shaker
DMX Old style Handclaps Perc 2 2048 bytes clp1.bin Old Handclaps
Other Sounds
DMX Conga Tom 4096 bytes OLCNGA.BIN Conga 1
DMX Claves (4K) Snare 4096 bytes CLAVE915.BIN Claves
Drumtraks Wood Block Snare or Tom 4096 bytes WOODBLK.BIN Wood Block
Drumtraks African Bell Snare or Tom 4096 bytes AF_BELL.BIN African Bell
Drumtraks Conga Slap Snare or Tom 4096 bytes CONGSLAP.BIN Conga Slap
Drumtraks Agogo Bell Snare or Tom 4096 bytes AGOGO.BIN Agogo Bell
Drumtraks Mouth Click Snare or Tom 4096 bytes MOUTH.BIN Mouth Click
Drumtraks Finger Snaps Snare or Tom 4096 bytes SNAPS.BIN Snaps
Drumtraks Hand Claps Snare or Tom 4096 bytes SCI_PERC1A.BIN Hand claps
Drumtraks Tambourine Snare or Tom 4096 bytes SCI_PERC1B.BIN Tambourine
Drumtraks Cowbell Snare or Tom 4096 bytes SCI_PERC2A.BIN Cowbell
Drumtraks Shaker Snare or Tom 4096 bytes SCI_PERC2B.BIN Shaker
Drumtraks Rim Shot Snare 4096 bytes SCI_RIM.BIN Rim

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