My name is Paul White and I run a small business called Electrongate (formerly known as White Product Development) located in San Jose, California. My goal is to produce quality electronic products that incorporate a design philosophy of simplicity and ease of use.

Some personal history:
I started out in the electronics industry in 1981 working at Oberheim Electronics, a Los Angeles manufacturer of synthesizers and drum machines. I also worked at Fast Forward Designs, a Marina Del Rey consulting firm started by two former Oberheim design engineers, and After Science in Venice, California. Starting in 1990, I ran my own consulting firm, Mountain Air Designs until 1994 when I moved to Cupertino, California to work as an employee at a startup company called Creative Insights, Inc. In October 1995 I went back to consulting full time under the new name of White Product Development. In 1997, White Product Development became a part-time business, as I took on a full time position elsewhere. Late in 2000, I moved to Arizona to work at Fire, Wind and Rain Technologies LLC and changed the name of my part-time consultancy to Electrongate. In 2010, I moved back to California and currently manufacture upgrades for synthesizers and drum machines, as well as offering repair services for Oberheim drum machines.