Paul's Roadtrip

Road trip route
A nice viewing spot
Cameras ready, standing by
Ready for 
Time lapse of eclipse
Images taken with Nikon D5000 and Tamron 500mm lens, with solar filter (see camera in the image above).

(Larger version here)

Real-time video (10 minutes) of scenery during and after eclipse totality
Skip ahead to about the 5 minute mark for totality. I was joined shortly before the eclipse by a former Navy man, a welder from Coeur d'Alene. You can hear our conversation as well as the cheers from the crowd at the campground across the river. The video camera's auto-exposure makes it difficult to see how dark it really got, but at totality, I could see Venus and stars in the sky, and it was as dark as night.

  This was an awesome experience, and I recommend that you go see an eclipse in totality if at all possible (the next one in the US will be in 2024).
  All images copyright 2017 by Paul J. White