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Electrongate UniTrigger

The UniTrigger is a Control Voltage (CV) to MIDI converter. Two 1/4 inch phone jacks accept 0 to +5 volt control voltage and trigger inputs. MIDI data on the MIDI input jack is merged with note-on and note off data and retransmitted on the MIDI output jack.

A special feature of the UniTrigger is the ability to accept an analog voltage as the trigger and produce variable note-on and note-off velocity depending on the rate of change of the trigger signal.

Another nice feature is a switch that can enable a "retrigger" option. When retrigger is enabled, as long as the trigger input is in the triggered state, a change in the CV that controls the note pitch will turn off the current MIDI note and trigger another note at the new pitch. When retrigger mode is off, the MIDI note will hold at the initial CV until a new trigger is detected.

Internal adjustments:
An internal trim pot controls the volts-per-octave of the CV input, so you can use the UniTrigger with Moog or other manufacturer's equipment which don't use exactly 1 volt per octave. Other trimmers control the trigger velocity voltage span and trigger level. A DIP switch sets the MIDI channel number.

  UniTrigger front   UniTrigger front
  • UT-1 [$195] Complete UniTrigger. Fully assembled with enclosure, DC power supply, 5-turn pitch set control, manual trigger button, retrigger option switch, power-on and trigger LED indicators.
  • UT-2 [$175] Simple UniTrigger with fixed base note. Like the UT-1 but without the 5-turn pitch set control and manual trigger button.
  • UT-kit [$99] UniTrigger circuit board without the enclosure. Assembled and tested UniTrigger circuit board. 10K pitch set potentiometer and normally open momentary pushbutton not included.
UniTrigger back panel

Ordering Information
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